Jack Frost x Elsa oneshot #1

“I need a break from this. ” Elsa abruptly got up her seat and out of the room, leaving her royal advisors speechless.

She stomped out of the palace, each step of hers causing ice to splatter beneath her feet, leaving violent patches of ice behind her as she headed out of town and into the snowy forest where she found peace there.

“Hello there!” A head poked out from behind a tree. “Hey, Olaf. ” She smiled. “What’s up, Elsa? You don’t look good. ” he showed a concerned face, detecting her stress. “I’m fine, it’s just that trade hasn’t been very good at the moment and we’ve been fighting with other towns for months, but nothing is coming out of it. Everyone just wants their materials and money, where’s the peace in that?” She raged even more, causing the surrounding trees to freeze into sharp icicles. “Whoa there, Queen. I’m sure you need a break from this once in a while!” Olaf comforted her. His presence calmed her lots, but that couldn’t help the fact that her endless nights of insomnia had caused her huge eyebags underneath her eyes.

She got up and strolled deeper into the woods, playing with her powers and creating beautiful ice sculptures everywhere.

Suddenly, she detected a presence behind her and raised her guard, slowly turning around to face a young man, who seemed to be examining her carefully. “Whoa!” She gasped as she backed away, her hands on guard and ready to strike. The young man then widened his eyes, saying “You can see me?!” Confused by his statement, Elsa replied, “What?” “I mean, you can see me? Physically?” He continued, edging closer to her.

Still confused, she replied, “Why not?” The boy then hung his mouth wide open and stared at her. “Wow. Wow. This is amazing you’re the only person who can see me– what is your name may I ask?” He started to get excited, as he casually held her hands up, staring straight into her. Slightly overwhelmed, she replied “Elsa. And you are…?”
“Jack. Jack Frost!” He answered excitedly, before picking up a long wooden staff and jumping around in midair, waving it everywhere and creating snow to fall upon them. Elsa stood there, staring at the white-haired boy dressed in only a snowy blue hoodie and brown pants, completely bare-footed. “You can create snow too?!” She asked after a while. Jack stopped in midair, saying “Yeah! And those are some pretty cool ice sculptures you made there!” Elsa smiled. “Thank you” was all she could say. She had so many questions rushing through her mind, but she was too stunned to say more. “W-where are you from?” She continued.
“I don’t know!” He replied as he casually floated around and played with the snow.
“What do you mean–”
“I really don’t know. One day, I wake up facing the moon, telling me my name was Jack Frost and nothing more. No one can see me. Well, except for you. ” he laughed.
“Why can’t anybody see you?”
“I don’t know! I’ve been longing for someone to see me my whole life, this loneliness is killing me!” He complained.
“And I thought I was the only one who could make snow!” Elsa started to get excited as well.

Both of them got so excited, Jack slammed right into a tree branch, which then propelled him right towards Elsa and knocked her down into the snow, where he landed right on top of her. The moment she opened her eyes, she saw his blue eyes gazing straight into her yet again as she felt him breathe into her face, slightly panting. He gave a sly smile as her remarked, “maybe it’s fate. ” She almost felt herself blushing furiously before he nimbly got off her and dusted the snow off his hoodie, “or maybe not. ” he laughed, as he twirled his staff on his fingers and hopped onto a log, before squatting down and started using it to draw on the snow.

Elsa slowly got up as well, dusting the snow out of her hair. She looked at him dreamily, scrutinising his icy white hair and adolescent facial features, before she realised the sky began to turn dark. “Oh dear. ” she muttered. “It’s getting late, Jack. I have to return back to town. ” she started, a little disappointed. He looked up, smirked and said, “Sure. It was nice meeting you, Elsa. See ya around!” Before he waved his staff in the air, disappearing in a shower of snowflakes. She sighed and trudged back to town, hoping that she’d meet him again… Sometime…

HEY. So I’m back from my hiatus and oh shit I have a lot of catching up to do hahahahahahahhaahahahah. I’m really sorry if I haven’t been updating much– life’s just been getting busier and busier each day and fanfic writing is just a hobby. However, I DO want to finish my Fic, and I will 100% confirm that I will finish my troubled thief Fic, just that… It’ll take some time haha…

I’ve never finished a multi-chaptered Fic in my life before because I’m a lazy arse so I’m determined to finish this one, and to my pleasant surprise, people actually read it and enjoy it!! ; w ; I thank you aalll for that, really! OTL

HUGS AND KISSES TO ALL READERS MUAH. Updates will be slower, but won’t stop! 🙂

I just watched Frozen today and happened to come up with this pairing and I lOVE IT. So I randomly came up with a oneshot for it, so there will be a lot of uncertainty, inaccuracies, grammar/vocab/spelling mistakes. Please bear with me QAQ.

Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy new year! 🙂



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